Xenonas Fos ke Choros Kythira

Mie van Cakenberghe

Mie was born in Antwerp, Belgium and studied Art at the Antwerp Academy. In 1996 after working in photo engraving for a strip maker and as a independent fashion designer, Mie decided to pursue painting full time. While Mie has held several exhibitions in Belgium, her ?art? first steps on Kythira were in 2005. She continued this in the summers of 2007, 2008 and 2009. Mie’s style can be described as Post-modern and is linked to the worldwide realism movement more often seen in larger paintings. The 2010 exhibition will contain works in a similar vein, though this year Mie is adding a small format landscapes. Mie is living both in Antwerp and on Kythira. More exhibitions on Kythira in 2010: From 1-12 September at the Potamos Culture Center
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