Xenonas Fos ke Choros Kythira

Independent Traveler – augustus 2014

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In augustus 2014 plaatsen ze een top 10 van actieve-vakanties in Griekenland, de 10 Beste ‘Greece experiences’ met op nummer 4: deelname aan Olijven plukken op Kreta én Kythira.

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Independent Traveler - Olijven plukken op Kythira

Independent Traveler – Olijven plukken op Kythira


Take Part in an Olive Harvest

You can’t have that world-famous Greek cuisine without olives! If you’re interested in doing more than just eating these small, salty fruits, you can participate in an important Greek ritual: the autumn olive harvest.

Xenonas Fos ke Choros, a guesthouse on the island of Kythira, invites travelers for weeklong stays during the November harvesting season. You’ll spend a maximum of four days climbing trees and dropping olives into the waiting nets below. Included are meals, a Greek cooking workshop and a visit to an olive press factory. (Visit AGreekIsland.com and click on Special Holidays for more details.)

On the island of Crete, Saint Basil Olive Grove hosts tourists in villas located adjacent to the trees where it grows its organic olives. During olive harvest week in November, guests can hand-pick fruit from nursery trees, bag harvested olives and help prune the trees. In between harvest activities, you can take a “walking and wildflower” tour with a local guide, learn to cook traditional Cretan dishes and explore the old quarter of nearby Chania.
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